Huge Changes Afoot

Welcome to another attempt at a blog!

Well, we’ll see how this one goes 🙂

The long and the short of the situation is, after 12 years in my current role I am moving on to a new company, and a new role.  From a .NET Developer, jack of all trades, doing front-end, back-end, middle-end, managing servers, performances, mostly bugs – to – a Database Developer.

Mostly, it seems like I’ll be doing more “make this stop failing!” for my first foray into this realm.  My interviews went really well, and I’ll be managing 32(!) SQL Servers, including clusters, monitoring suites, and performing database architecture, and query and performance tuning.  Somewhere Rob Farley is laughing his head off.

I’ve done pretty well with my SQL skills, but I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading, a lot of watching, discovered a lot of new SQL experts I’d never heard of.  The intention of starting another blog (in a long line of failed blogs, which would leave my co-workers joining Rob in being decapitated due to laughter), is to document some of what I’m learning, the new resources I’m stumbling across, and share what I’m learning, and retain some of it myself.

Feel free to leave a comment in overwhelming support of this, and with unsurpassed encouragement with optimism and hope.  I could use it!