Late to the Party – T-SQL Tuesday #97

So, I know there’s a way this goes, and I’m late to the party – but I actually want to write about this topic because it’s something important to the why I began a new blog (in spite of many previous failures).

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m changing jobs in the new year.  New role, new company.  Over the years I have done a lot with SQL, but in my new role 100% of my time will be devoted to keeping the databases going, and best performance, best practice.

When I took the role, I was very hesitant.  About my skills, and whether they were good enough to take an SQL role on full-time.  I thought so, but how could I be sure?  I’ve done a lot of reading.  I’ve watched several Pluralsight courses.  I’ve watched YouTube courses. I’ve read new blogs that I’ve never seen before.  This is just in the last few weeks, on weekends and after work.

In the end, I think I have the basics.  I have a good troubleshooting and problem-solving mindset, and I have a lot of basic skills, and now some better tooling and approaches to move forward with.

But I want to learn more, and I want to grow into this role.  I still have a lot to learn about being a DBA – Clusters, and other issues that just have been beyond what I’ve needed in my current role.

I was recently watching one of Kendra Little’sDear SQL DBA” videos on becoming better at SQL Performance Tuning and something she said agreed with the approach I was already taking.  Learning, teaching others, and blogging your experience can be very helpful growing into something yourself.  You have a reason to keep learning, and you can offer something to someone else.

I’d already begun the blog at this point, but it’s a main part of why I have.

I know there are many other SQL blogs out on this topic, and I’m adding noise, and I’ll be repeating things that have been said, much better, by folks like Paul Randall, Kimberly Tripp, Brent Ozar, and Rob Farley, and many others, many times before.  But, I’m doing it anyway.  To selfishly grow better and be more confident in my skills, and hopefully to help someone who stumbles across what I’ve done and it resonates with them, or I’ve hit the right Google-fu that they ended up at my blog and find better resources, or decide to subscribe.

I feel a bit stupid starting a new blog, given my history of not sticking at them… but if Rob Farley can start his 20th new blog site, then I feel better about it 😉

So, to answer the specific questions from the topic…

1 What do you want to learn? (specific skills and talents)

Everything I don’t already know.  Specifically.

I’m going to need to learn Quest’s Spotlight and monitoring at scale.  I’m going to need to know clusters and High Availability.  Patching and updating in those scenarios.  Many other things, I’m sure, but mostly handling the scale, the environment and culture of my new workplace.

How to blog better without putting so much of my personal feelings down thereby putting people off reading my posts 😉

2 How and when do you want to learn? (methods of learning and timeline on learning)

A lot will just be on-site and time.  I’m hoping there’ll be a good lab that I can run the clustering and fail-over and topics like that (I’ve been told there is).  Reading, and Pluralsight, and I’ve got a subscription to Brent Ozar’s training.

I’m hoping to blog a lot of what I’ve learned, especially some of the more niche parts that I haven’t seen as much about.  I know that’s mostly because I haven’t read a lot of blogs in the last few years, or about more than the basics of SQL (never really delved into the Internals for instance), so hopefully share some good information.

It’s at this point I really miss Greg Low’s SQL Down Under conference that used to happen yearly in Wagga (Australia).  That was where I learnt a lot of great stuff that I was just never exposed to elsewhere as a developer.

3 How do you plan to improve on what you learned? (Putting it to use at work/blogging/speaking)

My aim is to blog.  At least once a week.  Hopefully a post about something I’ve watched, read, or learnt somewhere. Once a week about something I’ve experienced, some tip that is probably all over the internet already.

Maybe start participating on Stack Exchange, but there are already so many great folks answering every single question, it’s pretty intimidating to start there.

Maybe do some videos of performance tips and tricks on youtube, or host a weekly Twitch stream.  It’s a thought.  Maybe one that won’t happen, because I’m pretty intimidated, and no expert myself 🙂

Definitely not talk or present.  I’m the guy heckling.  There would be payback.

Anyway, that’s my response to the SQL Tuesday topic.  Sorry it’s late, and hopefully you’ll forgive a newbie. I hope to keep participating in these going forward.

Subscribe, leave feedback, and get in touch on the socials 🙂

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